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The Huthwaite Sales Approach

Buying Cycle, Spin Selling

Huthwaite’s globally acclaimed models are based on the world’s largest-ever behavioral psychology study on sales, conducted over 12 years by Founder of Huthwaite and Author of SPIN ®Selling Neil Rackham. The combination of Huthwaite’s expert research and proven approach to behavior change solidifies our position as the #1 choice for sales training for individuals and organizations world-wide. 

What is the Huthwaite Approach?

Our training is focused on the buyer and centered on the buying process, and our approach to training ensures both the individual and organizational change that drives real business results. This approach combines our powerful methodologies with a range of tools to assure success. These tools include:Huthwaite’s core offerings, from SPIN® Selling and Sales Strategy to Negotiation Skills form only the initial component of our approach  when embarking on the long-term behavior change process.

Integrated Learning Experience (ILE)

Huthwaite’s Integrated Learning Experience is a structured, sequential process designed to accelerate skills development. Each component of the experience builds upon and supports the preceding one. The ILE combines expert-led, hands-on workshops with on-demand, personalized eLearning, online assessments and reinforcement tools in a process where skills are introduced, practiced and embedded into the daily work routine of the participant. This is further supported by a structured coaching process as well as personal and group development activities.The Integrated Learning Experience is a comprehensive and effective sales performance improvement process, expertly engineered to produce both immediate and long-term individual and organizational selling excellence.

Integrated Learning Experience


Huthwaite creates and delivers the most customized programs in the industry—analyzing your business needs, integrating business objectives, and incorporating relevant contextual content. Depending on your business requirements, programs can be customized across five unique areas:

  • Implementation Plan
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Delivery
  • Reinforcement

Diagnostic Skills

Sales training requires a huge investment of money, time and effort. And it should pay huge dividends. But too often, it fails to produce intended outcomes. Resources are wasted, salespeople don’t change and everyone gets more cynical about training. This is largely the consequence of improper diagnosis.

The most predictive and thorough diagnosis is accomplished through Huthwaite’s Sales Performance Analytics. Sales Performance Analytics measures your sales team in the full range of skills that sellers and their managers need to perform at a superior level. Typical “assessments” in the sales performance industry are based on anecdotal “research” or subjective evaluations such as self-rating or manager evaluation. As a result, the training that is developed may address the wrong skills or miss key skill gaps altogether. Huthwaite’s diagnostic tools allow you to pinpoint individual strengths and weaknesses and identify critical gaps across a sales force. This has two main purposes:

  • To allow you to assess the skills of your sellers, as well as those who coach or manage the sellers
  • To develop a data-based sales curriculum that will address the specific weaknesses of your sales force and its managers